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Why “Permanent Access” Feature Doesn’t Work?

2 Jul 2019

Since ArvanCloud sets it’s caching performance based on your settings and configurations on your domain, it is possible that the displaying or uploading of your website’s problems might be due to your incorrect caching configurations. For more information about configuration please read the related articles.

1- Only the hosted data on the domain will be cached in ArvanCloud that have the “permanent access” feature enabled for them. So the “permanent access” feature myst be enabled on your website and your domain.

“How to activate Permanent access feature”

2By enabling the “permanent access” feature, ArvanCloud can cache all the static and dynamic data of your website. This feature’s performance depends on your configuration regarding the cached data. When “Permanent Access” is enabled, ArvanCloud only caches the static data of your website and domain by default.

List default Extensions and dynamic files.

3- It is possible that “caching” and “permanent access” features are not activated on your main page. As a result your data won’t be cached.

“How to activate permanent access on your website.

4- It is possible that caching and “permanent access” are not activated for your dynamic content and as a result your data won’t be cached.

“How to activate permanent access for your domain’s dynamic content” (Error 404)

5- Another possibility is that your data is not defined or activated for caching and this prevents your data from being cached.

“How to activate “permanent access” for your domain’s extensions?”

6-ArvanCloud caches your website data and content based on your settings and configuration. So it is recommended that you set up your caching in a way that it doesn’t cache your personal data or your frequently changed data.

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