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What is ArvanCloud?

18 Aug 2019

ArvanCloud is a Cloud Services provider, offering a wide range of cloud services including CDN, Cloud DNS, Cloud Security, VoD Platform, Live Streaming, Video Ads, Cloud Compute and Cloud Storage.

ArvanCloud BV is based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. 

We are going to burst onto the European tech scene as a formidable presence, trusted and respected by the most popular and high-trafficked websites throughout the world.

ArvanCloud offers a wide variety of services, illuminated by impeccable customer service, the highest measure of quality and security, and cost-effective Pay-as-you-Go pricing.

In this post we share a brief introduction to our services:

CDN (Content Delivery Network)

By caching content on multiple servers around the globe, ArvanCloud’s CDN delivers online content to the end-users from the closest geographical point at the highest speed and quality, guaranteeing a cost-effective, highly reliable and secure access to content for all personal and enterprise users. 

ArvanCloud’s CDN provides you with high availability and boosts your website’s performance, 

making your business or personal website more reliable. By improving your website speed and connectivity, our CDN prevents downtimes on your commercial website, saving you thousands of Euros. 

Some of the important features of ArvanCloud CDN are Load Balancing, Web page Auto Caching, TLS v1.3 Support (Transport Layer Security) with enhanced speed and security, HTTP v2.0, Content Improvement, Image Optimization, Powerful Compression, Custom Cache, and Browser Cache.

Read more about our vast and robust Content Delivery Network.

Cloud DNS

ArvanCloud Authoritative DNS allows for faster and easier management of your domain DNS records absolutely free of charge. We provide you with a fast and stable name resolution service which also fends off DDoS attacks at this layer. 

Using a global Anycast network, ArvanCloud’s architecture has a highly positive effect on uploading content and domain name resolution. All DNS servers around the world detect ArvanCloud DNS servers from the closest geolocation. 

To learn more, please visit our Cloud DNS product page.

Cloud Security

ArvanCloud develops and uses the latest technologies to protect websites and online businesses against all types of cyber-attacks, including hacking attempts and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. By offering a variety of security solutions including DDoS Mitigation, WAF (Web Application Firewall), Firewall, and Ratelimit, ArvanCloud uses cutting edge technology in cybersecurity in order to protect your website against all sorts of online threats. 

Our Cloud Firewall allows you to define your security rules in a cloud environment and helps you to manage your content with the highest level of security by imposing different types of restrictions: Geo Restriction, URL restriction, and IP restriction. Also, ArvanCloud’s WAF is in charge of detecting and repelling traditional and complex attacks. WAF fends off the most advanced cyberattacks without the need for any technical knowledge or complicated settings on the user’s side. ArvanCloud’s security features also include Access Restriction and Attack Analytics and Reports. Read more about the Cloud Security product.

Cloud Computing 

With ArvanCloud you can have an advanced data center at your disposal. Just select your desired servers and switches and use them in the form of a cloud server with a few simple clicks.

ArvanCloud’s Cloud Computing provides IaaS and allows you to create as many cloud instances and storage disks as you wish for each server and efficiently manage your cloud data center communications using Firewall and private and public networks. Whether you’re a developer who wants to use resources for your personal project or an enterprise company, ArvanCloud’s Cloud Computing service can be the best available and the most cost-effective service for you.

You can save time and money because our Cloud Computing service covers all your fundamental needs without leaving any worries for you regarding the management or maintenance of your infrastructural resources. Some of the Cloud Computing features offered by ArvanCloud are Virtual Network, Load BAlancing, Snapshots, Monitoring, Firewall, Floating IP, and Backup. ArvanCloud also offers Instant Scaling of your resources with a few clicks, uniformity with ArvanCloud’s Cloud DNS and CDN,  24/7 Customer support, a variety of data centers to select, Private network and Free SSD Disks.

 Read more about our Cloud Computing service.

Cloud Storage

Our Cloud Storage service provides you with the ability to securely save any data type in a completely encrypted format. The user has stable access to a reliable file storage system from any location without any fear of data loss. (Launching soon!)


VOD Platform

ArvanCloud Video Platform allows content providers and distributors to convert their video content to different formats and qualities. You can store your videos in unlimited cloud storage and serve them with an adaptive bitrate for your users.

ArvanCloud’s video platform is compatible with all types of devices and browsers and supports the video perfectly on different sizes. It distributes video content in an exceptional form, with high compatibility on all devices including smartphones and tablets, paying special consideration to speed and bandwidth for optimal performance.

By using the Vod platform, you can have a significant speed boost in playing videos and you can have an unlimited broadcast capacity.

Some of ArvanCloud’s Video Platform features include: Adaptive Bitrate Streaming, Free Web Player, Smart and Automatic converting, Secure Link, Dedicated Domain, Adding Subtitles, Watermark feature, and Video chapter (defining chapters for each part of your videos.)

To know more, please visit the ArvanCloud VoD Platform page.

Live Streaming Platform

ArvanCloud’s video platform allows the content producers and distributors to transform their video or live stream content to several different qualities and formats. You can also store and public your video in unlimited cloud storage without any infrastructure concerns.

You can manage your live video streaming from anywhere in the world, with video accessibility to an unlimited amount of users. A few of the remarkable features of this live streaming service include compatibility with different protocols and live conversion of videos to different qualities.

ArvanCloud’s live streaming service is compatible with all devices and browsers. 

Some of the important features of the Live Streaming service include: Adaptive Bitrate Streaming, which shows optimized quality based on your internet and bandwidth speed, Free Web Player, Smart and automatic conversion, Secure link, Filtering, Dedicated domains, Watermarks, and Time Machine which allows you to rewind the video during watching a live event. Read more.


Video Advertisement

Providing content owners with a dynamic and straightforward way of showing Pre-roll, Mid-roll, or Post-roll advertisements. Other features include Subtitle Ads, launching various campaigns and imposing limits based on playback time or the number of clicks.

Pricing and Sign up

ArvanCloud offers the Pay-as-You-Go model for the pricing of its services. You can see the costs of all the products and the support plans here.

Sign up right now, and create a user profile here in order to start using ArvanCloud services for free! 

If you have any questions about the services, pricing or the support plans, please do not hesitate to contact us on info@arvan.cloud

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