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Website Origin Server out of order Error

2 Jul 2019

One of the issues that might be displayed to the users that connect to websites that use Arvan CDN is Website Origin Server out of order Error”

As clearly indicated in the error, this error means the origin server of the website is out of service (down). Arvan shows this error message by default when the origin server returns one of the following errors : 500, 502, 503 or 504.

5XX Error Codes

504 Error – Gateway Time Out: When Arvan’s Edge Server sends a request to the origin server of the website but receives no response.

503 Error – Service Unavailable: When the origin server of the websites is out of reach due to high load of visitors or diagnostics , this error is temporarily returned to Arvan.

502 Error – Bad Gateway: When the origin server of the website returns an invalid response to Arvan’s edge server.

500 Error – Internal Server Error: When an error has occurred in the main server but it doesn’t match the above mentioned issues.

Important points about the time that  “Website Origin Server” is out of reach:

  • This error has nothing to do with Arvan’s performance and just indicates the error in website’s origin server.
  • Server error is mostly temporary and it might only be displayed to some of the users for a few seconds and the problem could be solved quickly.
  • In many cases there might be no issues in the origin server of the website, but the connecting links of the data center hosting the content might be encountering issues.
  • This message is not relevant to any security issues. It is usually related to high load of users on website, connection links,  or website accessibility.

Users of Advanced or Enterprise plans of Arvan can revise this page in their user panel and customize the message.

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