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How to Register our domain in ArvanCloud?

2 Jul 2019

Sign Up

By clicking the “Sign up” button below the page you will enter the sign up page.

1- in this section, by entering your name, valid email address, a new password, you will be ready to register your domain information. It is recommended hat your password includes upper case, lower case, numbers and characters .

Domain Registration

2- Enter “Domain Registration” section.

Here in the “Domain address” field, you should enter your website address and domain name and then select “review and register domain” button. In the screenshot below you can see “” as an example.

3- In this section you should select your preferred plan. After choosing the plan, you can increase your required data for usage and purchase your plan.

If you need more information about purchasing plans, you can click here.

4- In “Server Setting” you should enter the main server addresses of your website.

If you only have one server for your domain, just by adding the IP address in “address registration?” you can go to the next step. But if you have more than one server for your domain, after adding all the addresses one by one, the “load Balance Feature will be activated for you. This feature controls the load balancing between the servers for you. You can use methods such as “Round Robin” , “Client IP Hash”, “Least Connection” for load balancing between your servers.

For more information about load balancing methods you can read the article “Load Balancing Methods”. 

5- in “DNS Settings” you can add all of the required records for the registered domain. For more information about different types of DNS records you can read “Different types of DNS records” article.

Updating NS

6- In this section you should change. Your current NS server addresses to Arvan NS server address. Arvan NS addresses are and

After updating the NS records of your domain , return to this page and click “Update”.

From now on your online content will be accelerated and secured based on your updated settings and with the help of Arvan.

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