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How to Register a DNS Record?

22 Jul 2019

First enter DNS setting page, then fill up the fields and create your DNS records.

In the first field you should select the type of your Record.

Tip 1. If you need more information about DNS records you can click here.

In the second field you should enter the record title. For example, to register the subdomain of in this section, you should enter “admin”.

In the third field, you should enter the IP record that indicates which server it will connect to.

Tip 2. If your record has a different server than your main website and you need your traffic to go through that record, you should purchase a separate plan for it.

In the fourth field you should indicate the TTL.

Tip 3. For more info about TTL click here. 

In the last section you should indicate if you need to pass this record’s traffic through the cloud or not. IF you intend to do so, you need to activate the cloud icon otherwise , deactivate it.

Tip 4. For more information about editing a DNS record, click here.

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