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How to create API Key?

2 Jul 2019

To use API for Arvan products, first you need to be authenticated. You need to use your API Key in your account for gaining access to API functionalities.

By selecting “New Key” you can create a new API Key:

After selecting  “New Key”, you should select a name for your API (The screenshot below):

After confirmation, your API will be created:

You can see the created API key in this screenshot. Consider that after closing this page, the API Key will not be returned at all, so you need to make sure that you save and protect it well.

But you can rebuild your forgotten API Key by using the “rebuild” button. (Screenshot)

After confirmation of the key rebuild, a new key will be created for you with the same name.

By using this key, which is formatted as follows, you can enter the key in the HEADER, of the authorization section and use its APIs easily:


Consider that the word “A” in Apikey should be entered capitalized.

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