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Error in sending or receiving emails

15 Jul 2019

A general and simple method of using the CDN service is changing the NameServer domain (NS) to CDN NS. Meaning that after the changes are made, all the received requests for your domain DNS will be responded by ArvanCloud. As a web master, you can manage your DNS settings in your dashboard panel.

To access this section you can go to DNS setting (as displayed in the photo):

In “DNS setting” you can define different subdomains and change the setting or resolving different IP addresses. You can also activate/deactivate the cloud icon, and define which subdomains should go through the cloud and which ones can be connected directly to the set addresses.

CDN is used for acceleration of the web content, and it can only transfer “standard content and public web (port 80 and 443). But a website could have other services such as “Email Service”, “FTP file transfer” and other similar services beside showing its content to the users.

Error in sending or receiving Email

One of the common errors that occurs to some domains after migration and using CDN is deactivation of some services such as email, but the solution is very simple.

During or after migration to ArvanCloud CDN, you need to make sure that all services “except the web content” which are defined based on the “Domain name” or “sub domain”, are directly pointed to the related server and are indicated with an inactive

Usually errors during sending or receiving emails occur due to incorrect MX record settings of the domain. You can go to DNS setting in the panel and revise your settings and correct it.

MX records of each domain show the server address in charge of managing the emails of that domain. For example, MX record of domain shows which server sends and receives the emails for * Because it is not possible to directly allocated a MX record for a specific IP address, you should first create an “A” records and set it up in order for the MX record to point to that “A” record.The following photo shows a correct DNS record for an email service:

As you can see in the picture, A record which is pointed to , has an inactive cloud icon with a grey color. You should also pay attention that if more than one server is in charge of email transactions, you can prioritize that which server will be in charge.

If you are using an email client like gmail or zohomail, there is no need to define an “A” record. You just need to enter the required information in the panel:

For services like “FTP file transfer” or similar services, it is possible to create a new subdomain, for example ( and deactivate the cloud sign, in order to use them.

Another method for services that require a mandatory “name” to work, including FTP, is using the direct “IP address” instead of names in the connected softwares.

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