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18 Jul 2019
Reading time 2 Minutes

How to Make Sure the Files are Cached Correctly

When you activate ArvanCloud CDN for your website, ArvanCloud headers are added to your website pages and you can see these values in your browser tab. You can also curl one of your static girls and see the ar-cache header. curl -I The command’s result will be like this: If…

10 Jul 2019
Reading time 2 Minutes

The meaning of Ar-cache and ar-atime headers

After activating ArvanCloud CDN, ar-cache and ar-atime headers are displayed in response to the user’s requests. Definition of Ar-cache Ar-cache can have two values of : Miss and Hit Ar-cache with a MISS value means that the request content is not cached in ArvanCloud servers and is being returned directly from…

1 Jul 2019
Reading time 4 Minutes

What’s Mixed Content Error and how to solve it?

“What’s Mixed Content Error and how to solve it?”‬ ‬One of the special features of ArvanCloud CDN is issuing Free SSL Certificate. You can activate this service in your panel to secure your users’ connection with your website. To complete this activation, you need to make your website links Relative, and…