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22 Jul 2019
Reading time 7 Minutes

Recovering the root password in the Recovery mode

If a Linux-based instance is active in the Cloud Computing section and for any reason you have forgotten your user password to sign in to the instance environment, you will be able to recover the root password. To do this, you need to use the Console option in “Cloud Compute” ->…

21 Jul 2019
Reading time 6 Minutes

Partitioning Instance Storage in Windows-based Operating Systems

Sometimes after creating a instance, there is a need for more storage than what has been assigned in to it at the beginning. For example, when we want to install software on a drive other the drive dedicated to the operating system to avoid data being lost if a problem happens…

20 Jul 2019
Reading time 6 Minutes

SSH Access to Instance

After creating a cloudlet in the AravanCloud panel, there are two ways of connecting to it: Using the username and password send to your email Using a Key For more information on the second method and the way of doing it, you can read the article of Building a Key and…