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16 Sep 2019
Reading time 4 Minutes

Caching Setting in ArvanCloud User Panel

In this page you can make changes in your account’s caching setting. The different sections of this page are described in detail in this article. Caching Mode Ignore QueryString: This mode ignores the query strings in the addresses and caches all the addresses without query string. Apply QueryString: this mode, considers…

19 Aug 2019
Reading time 7 Minutes

Caching Mode Setting

Your website data will be stored at ArvanCloud for a specific period of time. So, all the requests  that are sent from the users to your server will be responded by ArvanCloud. As a result of this process, your used bandwidth and the load on your server is significantly decreased and…

18 Jul 2019
Reading time 2 Minutes

How to Make Sure the Files are Cached Correctly

When you activate ArvanCloud CDN for your website, ArvanCloud headers are added to your website pages and you can see these values in your browser tab. You can also curl one of your static girls and see the ar-cache header. curl -I The command’s result will be like this: If…

16 Jul 2019
Reading time 14 Minutes

Investigating the Browser Caching Concept

Browser Caching is saving some (or all) of a website’s resources on the user’s browser and not receiving them with every visit to the website. The browser saves these resources in its local cache for a specific period of time. Depending on caching policy, the browser should send a request to…