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5 Nov 2019
Reading time 2 Minutes

Why in GTmetrix website the score associated with Use a CDN is low for my website, although I am using CDN service of Arvan Cloud?

This is a question that occurs to many of our users in ArvanCloud. Although they are using the CDN service of ArvanCloud, when they use GTmetrix to analyze the performance of their website, the Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) option in YSlow tab has not got any points. The answer…

18 Aug 2019
Reading time 8 Minutes

What is ArvanCloud?

ArvanCloud is a Cloud Services provider, offering a wide range of cloud services including CDN, Cloud DNS, Cloud Security, VoD Platform, Live Streaming, Video Ads, Cloud Compute and Cloud Storage. ArvanCloud BV is based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.  We are going to burst onto the European tech scene as a formidable…

7 Aug 2019
Reading time 6 Minutes

Getting to Know the Parameters for proper caching the Files on Website

It is possible that after migrating your website on ArvanCloud CDN, your website performance could be still slow. In this case, your website or CDN panel will require a new setting. We will guide you step by step to do the required settings in this article. First you need to make…

22 Jul 2019
Reading time 7 Minutes

Checking that ArvanCloud CDN is activated before changing the NS records

After registering a domain in the ArvanCloud user panel, in the “Cloud DNS” -> “Records Management”, two new NS records will be specified for you by ArvanCloud. These NSs must be registered in your domain provider site. By doing this, the ArvanCloud CDN product will be completely activated in your site….

18 Jul 2019
Reading time 2 Minutes

How to Make Sure the Files are Cached Correctly

When you activate ArvanCloud CDN for your website, ArvanCloud headers are added to your website pages and you can see these values in your browser tab. You can also curl one of your static girls and see the ar-cache header. curl -I The command’s result will be like this: If…