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23 Sep 2019
Reading time 7 Minutes

Getting Started with the ArvanCloud CDN

The ArvanCloud Content Distribution Network (CDN) will put your website’s main host server in ArvanCloud edge servers, which receive and respond to users’ requests instead of the website’s main host server. The cloud DNS settings should be configured before working with ArvanCloud CDN. The following guide will help you configure these…

9 Aug 2019
Reading time 1 Minutes

Different Types of DNS Records

A Record This records connect a domain name to an IP address. MX Record MX Record for Mail Exchange Record is used for introducing the mail server’s address to the user. NS Record This record is used for subdomains or names which you want to be responded from another DNS server….

15 Jul 2019
Reading time 4 Minutes

Error in sending or receiving emails

A general and simple method of using the CDN service is changing the NameServer domain (NS) to CDN NS. Meaning that after the changes are made, all the received requests for your domain DNS will be responded by ArvanCloud. As a web master, you can manage your DNS settings in your…