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9 Aug 2019
Reading time 1 Minutes

Different Types of DNS Records

A Record This records connect a domain name to an IP address. MX Record MX Record for Mail Exchange Record is used for introducing the mail server’s address to the user. NS Record This record is used for subdomains or names which you want to be responded from another DNS server….

22 Jul 2019
Reading time 7 Minutes

Checking that ArvanCloud CDN is activated before changing the NS records

After registering a domain in the ArvanCloud user panel, in the “Cloud DNS” -> “Records Management”, two new NS records will be specified for you by ArvanCloud. These NSs must be registered in your domain provider site. By doing this, the ArvanCloud CDN product will be completely activated in your site….

2 Jul 2019
Reading time 4 Minutes

How to Register our domain in ArvanCloud?

Sign Up By clicking the “Sign up” button below the page you will enter the sign up page. 1- in this section, by entering your name, valid email address, a new password, you will be ready to register your domain information. It is recommended hat your password includes upper case, lower…