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9 Nov 2019
Reading time 6 Minutes


You might encounter ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR while viewing a web page using Chrome browser. This might even happen while visiting popular websites. In this document we will discuss this error and ways to fix it. SPDY Protocol and its functionality ERR_SPDY_PROTOCOL_ERROR is related to SPDY protocol. Google has introduced this protocol to address…

15 Jul 2019
Reading time 11 Minutes

Investigating the MTR Tool

Monitoring network status is an important task in managing servers. There are various tools for monitoring communications, and My Traceroute (MTR) is one of the most powerful. This tool helps the network administrator identify errors and obtain a report of the network’s general status. This article attempts to investigate MTR, the…

15 Jul 2019
Reading time 15 Minutes

cURL: A Powerful Diagnostics Tool

What is cURL? cURL stands for Client for URLs, a command used for transferring data through various protocols. This tool is supported by a wide range of devices and can be used to test for numerous cases, including: Proxy Support SSL Communications HTTP/HTTPS Functions HTTP Headers, etc. The following protocols are…

15 Jul 2019
Reading time 3 Minutes

What’s Too Many Redirect and how to solve it?

This error occurs when the browser is trying to open your website and different locations are sent to the browser and in fact the browser doesn’t detect which location is correct and repeatedly tries to fix the location. After 16 times of trying, the error shows up. In other words, the…

1 Jul 2019
Reading time 4 Minutes

What’s Mixed Content Error and how to solve it?

“What’s Mixed Content Error and how to solve it?”‬ ‬One of the special features of ArvanCloud CDN is issuing Free SSL Certificate. You can activate this service in your panel to secure your users’ connection with your website. To complete this activation, you need to make your website links Relative, and…