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5 Nov 2019
Reading time 2 Minutes

Why in GTmetrix website the score associated with Use a CDN is low for my website, although I am using CDN service of Arvan Cloud?

This is a question that occurs to many of our users in ArvanCloud. Although they are using the CDN service of ArvanCloud, when they use GTmetrix to analyze the performance of their website, the Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) option in YSlow tab has not got any points. The answer…

22 Jul 2019
Reading time 7 Minutes

The Settings of Activation Section in the ArvanCloud User Panel

From Activation -> Content Distribution Network (CDN) in the ArvanCloud user panel, you can find out whether the CDN product is activated or deactivated for different records. However, two main functions of this section are specifying a desired port number for specific records, as well as weighing the different IPs registered…

16 Jul 2019
Reading time 7 Minutes

Best ArvanCloud CDN Service Settings for WordPress

Your entire wordpress website’s contents will be saved in ArvanCloud edge servers for 30 minutes by default after activating the ArvanCloud CDN service for your website. It is sometimes necessary, however, for the content of some sections of the website to not be cached, or in another case, cached for more…