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What’s Mixed Content Error and how to solve it?

1 Jul 2019

“What’s Mixed Content Error and how to solve it?”

‬One of the special features of ArvanCloud CDN is issuing Free SSL Certificate. You can activate this service in your panel to secure your users’ connection with your website. To complete this activation, you need to make your website links Relative, and if you have links on your website that are not relative, you might encounter the Mind Content error.

In this article we will explain the Mixed Content error and how to solve it.

What is Mixed Content?

Mixed Content error occurs when the website’s HTML is called through HTTPS, but some of the website content like photos, video or CSS or JS files are still being called and read in HTTP. In this situation, HTTP and HTTPS are simultaneously called to read and display the data on the same page while the first request is HTTPS.

Mixed Content error is divided to Passive and Active types.

  • Passive

Website has encountered a Mixed Content error. Your website’s layout still looks in order but the SSL sign of your website seen orange instead of green color.

In this case, your website has audio, video, objects or img files which are called in http format.


  • Active

In this situation, your website is displayed out of order and users  on the website will see an error message like this:

In this scenario, your website includes files that are called in HTTP:

  • <script> → src
  • <link> → href (CSS as well)
  • XMLHttpRequest → object
  • <iframe> →  src
  • CSS (@font-face, background-image,…) →  url
  • <object> →  data

 Browsers click this content on your website in order to prevent Man in the Middle Attacks on your website, which caused your website to look not normal.  

By using Inspect Element in the console of your browser you can see the URLs that are called in HTTP:

To solve this issue you need to find and change the called HTTP addresses on your website.

If your website is designed with WordPress CMS, you can go to settings > general settings and enter your website address in HTTPS.

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